Four Corner Model for Trade and Trade Finance

Trade Finance basics

Trade Finance is a very broad topic (about 1.5 billion results on google). Since Trade and payments are closely interlinked, it can be interesting to take a closer look at it. Furthermore, we have studied cross border payments in the last weeks. What we learned should help us to understand trade finance faster, at least […]

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The Four Corner Model for Bills of Exchange

The Four Corner Model for bills of exchange

The different parties involved in bills of exchange as well as their roles were presented in the previous article. In this article we consider two other parties that play an important role in bills of exchange: the drawer’s bank and the drawee’s bank. Banks are involved in the settlement of bills of exchange since they […]

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The acceptor of the bill of exchange

Bill of exchange – Definition and parties involved

In this article, we continue our analysis of negotiable instruments with the bill of exchange. Historians believe the Bills of exchange to have been invented by Florentine Jews. They were created to avoid the transport of funds and have been used in trade since the middle ages. At the beginning they were used in foreign […]

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Four Corner Model of Promissory Notes

The Four Corner Model for Promissory Notes

We saw in the previous article that numerous parties are involved in promissory notes. The different parties were presented as well as the role they have. In this article we consider two other parties that play an important role in promissory notes: the drawer’s bank and the drawee’s bank. At the end of the day, […]

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Example of simple promissory note

Promissory Note – Definition and Parties involved

After the introduction of negotiable instruments in the previous article, we will now focus on two instruments that are extensively used in business transactions in numerous countries: the promissory note and the bill of exchange. This article is about the promissory note and will handle the following topics: What is a promissory note? Contents of […]

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