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Credit Card and POS Credit Card Terminal

Top Trends Shaping the Future of Credit Cards

Image: Pixabay From its inception, credit cards have drastically made transactions smoother between consumers and businesses. Today, credit cards have become a necessity for almost all Americans ⁠— as many issuers include a myriad of benefits and rewards programs.Credit cards are also becoming more advanced than ever, which means businesses and consumers need to stay […]

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PSD2 and The New Generation of Third-Party Providers

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) went live in January 2018 and is set to have a broad impact on the financial services industry across and beyond Europe. One main goal of the revised PSD2 is to encourage competition by allowing new players, the Third-Party Providers, to enter the European Single Market. The directive removes […]

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Main benefits of the TransferMate Solution

TransferMate’s unique receivables solution enables businesses to reduce debtor days, eliminate bank fees and gain full visibility on cash flow

B2B Payments Company offers an easy-to-use solution to get paid faster while automating invoice reconciliation TransferMate Global Payments, one of the world’s leading cross-border B2B payments providers, has deployed an advanced receivables solution to businesses around the world. The payments solution enables TransferMate clients to reduce their days sales outstanding (DSO) while gaining control and […]

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Pictural representation of a blockchain

Blockchain explained and its application to payments

Well, year 2019 has just passed on the baton to 2020 and we have wrapped up the decade with a lot of technological advances. Past decade has seen a considerable phase shift in terms of technology; and I have to say Blockchain is one the biggest breakthrough that has been achieved. Although invented in 2008, […]

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Basic to sophisticated services in Cash Management

Cash Management definition and basics

As payments payments professionals, we are sooner or later confronted with this question: Do you know Cash Management and the payment messages involved? When I was asked that question the first time, I was a bit puzzled even if I later realized that it is not rocket science. In fact, if you are a payment […]

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Standby Letter of Credit: How it works

In the previous article we introduced the Standby Letter Of Credit (SLOC) and looked at the steps of its issuance and notification. The next question now is what happens after. In this article we will see how it works. In summary, there are two possibilities: The Standby Letter of Credit is not put into play. […]

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Image of Documentary Credit Process with a Confirming Bank

Documentary credit process with a confirming bank

After the issue and the notification of a documentary credit, the next step is its actual processing. As we saw in a previous post – Documentary credit – Definition, main actors, how it works – the exporter’s bank can play two roles: 1) It may just notify the exporter that there is a documentary credit […]

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