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SWIFT MT101 usage for funds repatriation

SWIFT MT101 Usage for funds repatriation

The SWIFT MT101 message can be used for various purposes. We saw in previous articles how the SWIFT MT101 is used: SWIFT MT101 usage for funds repatriation There is another possibility: funds repatriation. And that is the topic of this article where we will see how corporations can use the SWIFT MT101 to repatriate funds. […]

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SWIFT MT103 Serial Payment 3 between Receiver correspondent and Account with Institution

SWIFT MT103 serial payment analysis 3/3

This is the third and last article about a SWIFT MT103 serial payment (so settled via the serial method). We already studied the cover method and how it is used to settle that payment. Read the series of articles to which I refer you in this article if you want to learn more about the […]

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