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Documentary collection also called documentary remittance

Documentary collection – definition, main actors, how it works, SWIFT messages

Documentary collection is one of the common payment techniques used in international trade to facilitate import/export operations. In this post, we provide the definition of a documentary collection, present the key players and the related process steps. Before starting our analysis, take note of this interesting remark: documentary collection belongs to payment techniques that require […]

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Cash on delivery also called Cash against delivery

Cash on delivery in Trade Finance

In the previous article, we started our analysis of payment techniques with the payment against invoice. In this post, we consider another payment technique called Cash on delivery or Cash against delivery. In Trade Finance, Cash On Delivery (COD) is a payment technique in which “Cash” is collected by the carrier upon delivery of the […]

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Payment against invoice or simple collection - main steps

Simple collection or payment against invoice

We begin our analysis of payment techniques with the payment against invoice or simple collection. This technique involves requesting the payment of exported goods against a simple presentation of the commercial invoice. The importer is supposed to be paid upon receipt of the invoice (and possibly all documents enabling him to clear them), not after receipt […]

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The Four Corner Model for Trade and Trade Finance

Trade Finance basics

Trade Finance is a very broad topic (about 1.5 billion results on google). Since Trade and payments are closely interlinked, it can be interesting to take a closer look at it. Furthermore, we have studied cross border payments in the last weeks. What we learned should help us to understand trade finance faster, at least […]

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